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Thanks GOS2016!

Thanks to everyone who came out and spoke to us, tuned in and listened to the broadcast!  Thanks especially to Interference Archive and Louise Barry, Gregory Kramer, David Michael, and Jenny Polak.  We'll be posting our annual podcast and more goodies soon.  

RFG Presents: _/// SONIC ARTS \\\_ @ Halyards

Radio Free Gowanus Presents: _/// SONIC ARTS
At Halyards bar on 3rd Ave. and 6th st. in Gowanus.
July 14th, 8pm

_/// SONIC ARTS is a presentation of sound works and performances in 2-to-8 channels by established and emerging sound practitioners in New York. "Up to 8 channels" means we have a circle of speakers and the audience will sit in the middle, surrounded by sound! Come out, grab a drink at the best bar in Gowanus, and experience SONIC ARTS. \\\_

Dave Grant
- Modular Synth Live Set in 8 Channels

Wolfgang Gil and Kenneth Kirshner
- "Untitled Piece for 8 Channels"

Wolfgang Gil
- "Algorithmic Soundscapes" 8 Channels

Waver (Michael Clemow and JP Schlegelmilch)
- "Analemma" 8 Channels

Gregory Kramer
- "Vampire State Building" 2 Channels

Freddie Wyss
- "Goosespeak_02" 2 Channels

Nat Homer
- "Untitled" 2 Channels

Gabe Raines
- "Untitled" 8 Channel Live Set

Michael Clemow and Sarth Calhoun
- "Untitled" 8 Channel Improvisation

--- or

Radio Free Gowanus Podcast - Episode 3 is here!

New podcast episode about artists evictions and commercial real estate in Gowanus.  Check it out here.  

Lots of effort and research went into this episode.  Big thanks to Abby Subak, WBAI, Pamela Brown, Mahalia Stines, Gary Eckstein, Brad Lander, Artist Studio Affordability Project, Take Back NYC, Art Condo, and everyone who stopped by the station for Gowanus Open Studios 2015.

Gowanus Open Studios 2015

It is happening, folks!  If you want to listen to our broadcast online, please click LISTEN NOW (currently not broadcasting) on the left.  You can also here us on 88.5 FM in Gowanus!  You can tweet at us at @freegowanus and don't forget to use the hashtags #KeepGowanusCreative and #StopArtistEvictions to refer to the 9th St. 2nd Ave. buildings.  Please stop by the station and have a chat, 168 7th St. second floor.

And keep rocking!


RFG on WBAI Morning Show, Tuesday, Oct 13th!

Tomorrow morning at 6:30am, we'll have the honor of joining Abby Subak of Arts Gowanus on the radio at WBAI 99.5FM.  We'll be speaking with Pamela Brown on the morning show and are going to cover Gowanus Open Studios and the artist evictions at 9th St. and 2nd Ave.

Hyperallergic has a great article here, and DNAInfo broke the story here.

If you want to join this conversation, hit us up on twitter at @freegowanus and also come on down to the station this weekend for Gowanus Open Studios, where we'll be talking about on the air at RFG!

Use the hashtag: #KeepGowanusCreative