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RFG Presents: _/// SONIC ARTS \\\_ @ Halyards

Radio Free Gowanus Presents: _/// SONIC ARTS
At Halyards bar on 3rd Ave. and 6th st. in Gowanus.
July 14th, 8pm

_/// SONIC ARTS is a presentation of sound works and performances in 2-to-8 channels by established and emerging sound practitioners in New York. "Up to 8 channels" means we have a circle of speakers and the audience will sit in the middle, surrounded by sound! Come out, grab a drink at the best bar in Gowanus, and experience SONIC ARTS. \\\_

Dave Grant
- Modular Synth Live Set in 8 Channels

Wolfgang Gil and Kenneth Kirshner
- "Untitled Piece for 8 Channels"

Wolfgang Gil
- "Algorithmic Soundscapes" 8 Channels

Waver (Michael Clemow and JP Schlegelmilch)
- "Analemma" 8 Channels

Gregory Kramer
- "Vampire State Building" 2 Channels

Freddie Wyss
- "Goosespeak_02" 2 Channels

Nat Homer
- "Untitled" 2 Channels

Gabe Raines
- "Untitled" 8 Channel Live Set

Michael Clemow and Sarth Calhoun
- "Untitled" 8 Channel Improvisation

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